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Eruption / About Eruption Inc.

About Eruption Inc.

Eruption Clothing Eruption Inc., founded by Gwen Legge, is an explosive clothing company coming to you straight out of Orange County, California.  Eruption was created with extreme-sport enthusiasts in mind, but the brand has quickly evolved and expanded into original, high-end apparel that has something for everyone.

Eruption clothing offers originality and innovative designs derived from street inspired artists and true talent. This company boasts unique, head-turning designs that are sure to sweep the nation and the world over the coming years.

On top of having a one of a kind clothing line, made in USA, Eruption prides itself on currently carrying an extremely talented team of athletes, trainers, actors, and musicians. Team Eruption is growing by the day and constantly acquiring new, eruptive talent from all over the world.

Fabricating a new mold in the industry, Eruption is creating new limits with cutting edge apparel.


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