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King of the Cage - Nailbiter

Shannon Ritch is fighting in the main event

Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch will return to Edmonton on January 22nd, to take on the resilient welterweight Elmer Waterhen. The two veterans, who have entrenched reputations for being entertaining and aggressive fighters, will meet at KOTC Canada's "Nailbiter" event.

Mirage Banquet
#360-8170 50 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6B 1E6

Call for tickets (780) 426-4866


"The Cannon" Ritch excited to make KOTC return

On January 22nd, Alberta MMA fans will once again have an opportunity to watch one of the sport's most experienced and well travelled fighters, as Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch will return to Edmonton, to take on the resilient welterweight Elmer Waterhen. The two veterans, who have entrenched reputations for being entertaining and aggressive fighters, will meet at KOTC Canada's "Nailbiter" event.

"From local guys that I've called that I know in Canada, they told me that Elmer is more like a 50 / 50 fighter," the 39 year-old Ritch told KOTC. "He comes out and fights hard. They told me that he's the type of guy that won't quit. They also said it depends on which Elmer shows up. Sometimes they say he's really good and other times he doesn't fair so well. So it all depends on which Elmer shows up."

"I haven't found any tape on him," added Ritch, who will fight Waterhen at Edmonton's Mirage Banquet Hall. "So I'm just going out there with the attitude that this guy's a veteran, he's going to be good standing up and he's going to be good on the ground. I'm just preparing for everything."

Ritch will make his return to the Capital City less than 6 months removed from his last appearance, when he was defeated by "Pele" Landis-Jons, at KOTC Canada's "Capital Excalibur" event in July.

"I love it; Edmonton has some really good fans," said Ritch. "When I'm there I'm treated very well. King of the Cage has been great to me. Ken (Kupsch) has been great to me. Always gives me the opportunity to fight. He always gives me an opportunity to showcase and test my skills which I appreciate."

Ritch has showcased his skills well over one hundred times, in fact, the Arizona fighter says that his official record is 96-72-2, an astonishing resume that has far more bouts than many fight databases reflect. Throughout a career which now dates back over a decade, Ritch has fought all over the world, against some of the sport's most accomplished fighters.

"Well even though I was in the main event at Pride 11 and I didn't win, it was still an honor to be in the ring with (Kazushi) Sakuraba, who at the time was the number one fighter in the world," said Ritch, when asked to reflect on some of his more memorable achievements. "I'm going to go to my grave with that probably being my greatest accomplishment in MMA. Fighting in front of 80,000 fans was just a great time. Obviously fighting Frank Shamrock in K-1, being able to travel around the world; I've been to Burma, Thailand, and Russia, all over the world to fight. MMA has been good to me."

Another accomplishment that Ritch is understandably and extremely proud of is the black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he was awarded two and a half years ago, an achievement that has opened even more doors for him to instruct.

"I'm 39 years-old, so I know I'm on the way out," said Ritch, who will head into the January 22nd bout having won back-to-back fights over Marcus Gaines and Jeff Horlacher. "I have probably a couple of good years left and then after that I have to think about being a coach, a trainer, a manager, and that's kind of what I'm doing know. Trying to groom fighters and hand off the torch to them, so they can go on to do bigger and better things."

Aside from professional fighting, Ritch also has a burgeoning acting career, one that has seen him appear on notable television programs like "Numbers" and "CSI".

"I'd like to get involved in feature films," Ritch told KOTC. "I just did a little part on the TV show Numbers, played a FBI agent, and then I did CSI Las Vegas, (Rameau Thierry) Sokoudjou was on that, as was Krzysztof (Soszynski). Then I just did a film trailer where I was the main bad guy. I have that role but we haven't done the movie yet, just the trailer. And then a couple of months ago I was in ESPN magazine, and Jordan Feagan from Disney, he read it, contacted me with a couple of writers and they want to do a feature film on me and my life story. That's something that's in the works as we speak."

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