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Matt ''The Dog of War'' Garretson

Matt ''The Dog of War'' GarretsonRematch against Paul Chitwood

Matt “The Dog of War” Garretson – March 13, 2010 – Wicktagon MMA Heavyweight Title Defense Event

Rematch against Paul Chitwood – Chitwood is angry about submission victory for Matt Garretson


News & Events

eMatt ''The Dog of War'' Garretson
Rematch against Paul Chitwood
March 13, 2010

eKing of the Cage - Nailbiter
Shannon Ritch is fighting in the main event
January 22, 2010

eJeremiah Riggs to Fight at Alabama Pride
185 lb. Bout: Jeremiah Riggs v. Robert Thompson
December 12, 2009

eTachi Palace Fights 2: Brawl in the Hall
Eruption MMA Fighter Marcus Gaines to Take on Kyle Pimentel
December 3, 2009

eFriday the 13th - Caged MMA Fights
MMA Fighter Justin McCarthy to Fight
November 13, 2009

eShannon ''The Cannon'' Ritch
The Iron Man of MMA
November 2009 Issue 15

eMMA Xplosion
Team MMA Fighter Blas Avena to Fight
October 10, 2009

eNational Cage Fighting - Feel The Fight
Team Eruption MMA Fighters to Compete
October 9, 2009

eGreat Weekend at IMMAE
Successful weekend at the International MMA Expo (IMMAE)
August 29-30, 2009

eEruption Inc. at IMMAE
MMA Fighters Shannon ''The Cannon'' Ritch, Cris Cyborg and Razor Rob will be signing autographs
August 29-30, 2009

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